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#2 Keeping Our Immune System up to Speed

How can we keep our immune system up to speed, to cope with the swine flu which the experts see on the horizon? The weather is warm and dry for a week, then hot and windy for a week, then cold and wet for another week. Our immune system is the inbuilt resistance we have in our “constitutional makeup”, which is what we have genetically inherited from relatives we have not been able to personally choose!

Regular nutritional support of this defense system is the basic tool we have to maintain our “wellness”, as the alternative to succumbing to “illness”. The wellness model needs nurturing, and that’s where ProForm is so important.

Colds, ‘flu and general respiratory infections are believed to be less common at this time of the year, but that isn’t the case. We don’t “catch a cold” – it catches us when our natural defenses are down, either through fatigue, stress or many other factors.

Even when we are well, that nutritional support is fundamental to our individual wellness. Proform allows us to conveniently support our intake of the nutrients we require to allow ongoing immune strength. I usually suggest to my “worried well” patients an evening ProForm White Chocolate hot drink before bed. The results I see are better quality and more restful sleep, and that’s a key strategy in immune support. Sleep is when our immune system is recharged – a time of physical rest and rejuvenation, when our mental processes go through the day’s events, filing some away for future reference, and rejecting many others.

ProForm is easy to digest, so it doesn’t sit in your tummy causing discomfort as you are trying to relax and sleep. Reinforcing the nutrient value of mashed potato, soup or scrambled egg by adding ProForm Neutral is another way of feeding our immune system.

So, as the challenges of weather changes challenges our immune system to be on alert for viral attack, you can rely on ProForm to reinforce the body’s inbuilt defense mechanism. Keep ProForm available, and make it part of your nutritional program.

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